Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking off from The Brooklyn Bridge

Stepping off from the Brooklyn Bridge to America-- to Walt’s Open Road.
My image of the traveling figure would be going east towards Long Island in real geography. I see the bridge each day from Brooklyn and this is why it is in my Imagination and is oriented in this way.

This from a long poem I wrote,  Road Movie, 2000

setting off, once more
the BRIDGE, 
high on tip toe
on to the es--StudiO! 
there the work
of the WORLD, to be done, 
set beside EARTH 
--to keep ones feet planted 
within the place, revolvING
telling some story
yet unclear. the Indian (ME) 
the native in us all, American, 
beauty in the face of death, 
night and day, 
revolving a REPETITION

I don't paint from photos and  didn't get around to make a painting "looking for the out look that would be right..."

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